Review: ‘Words Onscreen’ by Naomi Baron

Naomi Baron’s book Words Onscreen is an exploration into the changing nature of reading. With the increasing use of eReaders many people are forgoing paper books. With this change, Baron asserts, comes a change in how we read, with reading onscreen linked to surface rather than contemplative reading. Words Onscreen is not only a fascinating read, … Read more

How to get teenagers to read

In light of the widely acknowledged benefits of recreational reading, in 2012 the West Australian Study in Adolescent Book Reading (WASABR) attempted to uncover the most effective ways that social influences can support teenagers to read for pleasure. Some of the key findings from the study can be found here.

A nose for books

Reading books for pleasure has little appeal for smart phone fixated American teenagers, according to an article published in The New Yorker earlier this year. It’s not just the idea of reading that seems like a chore to millennials, according to David Denby, it’s that paper books have little appeal as objects. He quotes a school student from New Haven … Read more

Re-thinking screen time

US publications such as Time and Forbes  are reporting on revisions of the American Academy of Pediatric’ guidelines for children and screens, in recognition of the growing variety of screens and the uses to which they’re now put. It is hard, reports Time, ‘for the AAP to say definitively … that playing smartphone games is bad … Read more