Summer Focus Groups

‘It’s like watching a movie in my head’ During the January school holidays we ran a short range of focus groups with teenagers in South Australia and regional and urban Victoria. We asked participants about sources of book recommendations, where they access books and how their reading habits are changing. Family members and school librarians … Read more

New funding!

Australian Research Council Grant Discovering a ‘good read’: Pathways to reading for Australian teens Breaking news (July 2019) – the next phase of our research has received funding through the ARC’s Linkage Projects scheme. The scheme is designed to support research of national benefit linked to government, industry and professional partners. Our partners include Queensland … Read more

Are School Librarians Important?

The Teen Reading pilot survey found that a higher proportion of students rated the provision of good books by their school library as a better motivator of more reading than local public or community libraries. While browsing the informative website of the  Australian Association of School Libraries we were interested to find a recent study … Read more

It hurts my eyes (but only when reading)

iPads and other LCD tablets are widely used in educational settings. They are ‘do it all’ devices which can perform many functions. They can be cameras, music players, web browsers, as well as displaying text word processing or notetaking software, or in book apps such as Kindle, iBooks, Wattpad, BorrowBox, and so on. Tablets are … Read more

Where do adolescents read eBooks?

Often we think of  eBooks as being more portable – going on the road more than those heavy-to-lug paper door stoppers. In our Teen Reading pilot survey we asked Australian adolescents where they usually read eBooks. They could pick multiple locations, but guess what came top of the list for those mobile marvels? The bedroom … Read more

Victorian Fieldwork Complete

During August and September the team visited a further 5 schools for data collection – ranging from outer metropolitan to regional and rural centres. This iconic Ballarat streetscape was one of our transit stops to a nearby school. Distance from Melbourne certainly makes a difference to the culture and demographics of schools in former country … Read more