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Who in your neighbourhood supports teen reading?

Who in your neighbourhood supports teen reading?

Team member and Deakin University PhD candidate Anne-Marie May is researching how booksellers and librarians influence teen recreational reading at the physical sites of bookstores, school libraries, and public libraries. She takes a geographically located approach to...

School survey now live!

School survey now live!

The Teen Reading project is working with secondary schools in WA, NSW, QLD and VIC to survey Australian teenagers about their reading behaviour. This research aims to better understand how teenagers choose, read and discuss books, to ensure that they are better able...

Summer Focus Groups

‘It’s like watching a movie in my head’ During the January school holidays we ran a short range of focus groups with teenagers in South Australia and regional and urban Victoria. We asked participants about sources of book recommendations, where they access books and...

Interview with Mel Cranenburgh on Triple R’s Backstory

I had a pleasurable conversation about reading, empathy, and our new project (at least a bit) on Melbourne RRR on Wednesday 13th November. You can catch it as a podcast. Also speaking was Jane Sullivan about memories of the books of childhood - well worth a listen....

Australia Council & Macquarie Survey results

The survey results from the Australia Council and Macquarie University three-year study of Australians' reading habits are now available on the Australia Council website. It found that word of mouth was the most frequent physical source of information about reading...

Nick Earls on the fluctuating sales of ebooks

The Books and Arts program on Radio National recently explored reports that ebook sales are declining. Michael Cathcart interviewed Australian novelist Nick Earls, who says we shouldn't discount ebooks yet. Earls has also written an article for The Conversation this...

Growing up in Ireland study

The longitudinal study Growing Up in Ireland found that cultural participation - which includes reading for pleasure - increases both academic performance and socio-emotional well-being for participating young people.

Unpacking the Statistics

I recently came across Nick Earls' article on The Conversation, 'Has the print book trumped digital? Beware of glib conclusions.' This article raises some important points about the data behind the statistics on ebook and paper book sales. Traditional sources of these...

Leisure reading on an e-book

Interesting article from ChanLin Lih-Juan  who compared university students' use of e-book features for both academic and leisure reading, and found that e-book features were most valued for academic reading. See Lih-Juan, ChanLin (2013) "Reading strategy and the need...

Case study

Thirteen Reasons Why- Book to TV

A quick look down the titles of our teens' favourite books shows that many of these popular titles have been translated into film. Perhaps the popularity of the books led to the making of the film or inversely, the popularity of the film led to increased readership of...


New Explainer – Tiktok

New Explainer – Tiktok

Dr Bronwyn Reddan's publication for the teacher librarian community has just been published on Synergy.  The explainer covers the following: What opportunities do readers have to engage with books on the digital social media platforms YouTube, Instagram, and...



Australian Reading Hour Recordings Available

Australian Reading Hour Recordings Available

The Teen Reading Team and guests Danielle Binks and Christine Oughtred presented at an event at Deakin's Waterfront Library earlier this year. Edited recordings of the Event are now available. Introductions to the Event and Speakers led by Deakin Library's Lucinda...

Australian Reading Hour Event Waterfront Library

Australian Reading Hour Event Waterfront Library

The team recently hosted a successful public panel at Waterfront Library, to share research and industry insights about keeping teenagers reading in an age of distractions. The event was aligned with the Australian Reading Hour, a national celebration of Australians'...

National Education Summit

National Education Summit

Leonie, Bronwyn and Katya were pleased to present interim findings from the schools survey at the National Education Summit in Melbourne in June 2022. Based on over 3000 survey responses, this presentation included information on how often and how much time teenagers...


Teen Reading Project Update

Teen Reading Project Update

2023 is the final year of our project: 'Discovering a ‘Good Read’: Cultural Pathways to Reading for Australian Teens in a Digital Age'. Earlier this year we published a newsletter providing an update on our research activities in 2022 and a preview of some our...

How are teens accessing books?

This blog post provides an extract of the findings from the Teen Reading in the Digital Era pilot report. You can read the full report here

Use of alternative formats

This blog post provides an extract of the findings from the Teen Reading in the Digital Era pilot report. You can read the full report here

The Barriers to Reading

This blog post provides an extract of the findings from the Teen Reading in the Digital Era pilot report. You can read the full report here

Platform Preference

This blog post provides an extract of the findings from the Teen Reading in the Digital Era pilot report. You can read the full report here


New funding!

Australian Research Council Grant Discovering a ‘good read’: Pathways to reading for Australian teens Breaking news (July 2019) – the next phase of our research has received funding through the ARC's Linkage Projects scheme. The scheme is designed to support research...

Associate Professor Andrew Singleton

Andrew Singleton joined our group in October 2016. Primarily a sociologist of religion, Andrew has worked on projects on young people's spirituality. He is also skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research methods and mixed methods. We're very happy that he's...

Planning intensive

Last week, the research group met at the Deakin City Centre to pore over the data we've collected and put together a dissemination strategy for 2017. We also welcomed Associate Professor Andrew Singleton to the group. Andrew showed us what the data looks like in SSPS...