New Explainer – Tiktok

New Explainer – Tiktok

Dr Bronwyn Reddan’s publication for the teacher librarian community has just been published on Synergy. 

The explainer covers the following:

  • What opportunities do readers have to engage with books on the digital social media platforms YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok?
  • How might this affect Australian teenagers when choosing leisure reading material?
  • What are the reading practices and book talk teens engage in in the digital reading communities on online social media networks.
  • The development of different social reading cultures on BookTube, Bookstagram, and BookTok.

Are School Librarians Important?

The Teen Reading pilot survey found that a higher proportion of students rated the provision of good books by their school library as a better motivator of more reading than local public or community libraries. While browsing the informative website of the  Australian Association of School Libraries we were interested to find a recent study which investigated the differences in learning outcomes for schools with or without trained librarians. It found that:

Students are more likely to succeed when they have library programs that are well staffed, well funded, technologically well equipped, well stocked, and more accessible. And, the neediest learners may benefit the most from trained librarians and quality library programs.

Where do adolescents read eBooks?

Often we think of  eBooks as being more portable – going on the road more than those heavy-to-lug paper door stoppers. In our Teen Reading pilot survey we asked Australian adolescents where they usually read eBooks. They could pick multiple locations, but guess what came top of the list for those mobile marvels? The bedroom and shared spaces at home!

Almost 90% of females picked the bedroom, with over 70% of boys selecting the same. For shared spaces at home, it was around 45% and 35% respectively. Girls seemed to like reading outdoors and on public transport more than boys, but of course, this doesn’t take into account the other activities they might choose to do in these places.