20 April 2018

Absorbed reading? How our culture conceptualizes reading habits, especially those of women and young people, through the exploration of fanfiction. Read this excerpt on Google Books.

17 April 2018

Teaching spoon-fed students how to really read! Read this story in The Guardian.

16 March 2017

‘Amazon makes Kindle compliance difficult for readers’. Read this story in The Guardian.

28 February 2017

The Copyright Agency’s website features our major interim findings.

3 February 2017. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) used our study as the source for an infographic published in Teacher Magazine.

12 December 2016

Campus Review featured the interim results of the Teen Reading study, reflecting on young people’s platform preferences.

29 November 2016

‘Tech savvy teens are throwing the book at e-readers’ according to the Teen Reading in the Digital Era pilot survey, ‘preferring to turn their own page of old-fashioned books writes Elissa Doherty in the Herald Sun. This story was syndicated into Geelong, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth and reported on local radio across Australia.

23 October 2016

‘Boys, of every age, no matter the nature of the literature before them, typically read less thoroughly than girls’: Research from the University of Dundee, in the Guardian.

August 2016

The Conversation article, ‘We Like E-readers’ by ALIA’s Damian Lodge suggests that people who borrow e-books from libraries are also big purchasers of e-books, so it’s in the interests of publishers to find models for e-book lending (so long as piracy concerns are allayed).

The very early stage of our data collection suggests that teen readers often own or have access to e-readers, but use them rarely, and that they are also likely to be members of a library. This raises interesting questions about young adults’ appetite for borrowing e-books – they don’t appear to be doing it much at the moment, but would they if there was more opportunity to do so?