National Education Summit

National Education Summit

Leonie, Bronwyn and Katya were pleased to present interim findings from the schools survey at the National Education Summit in Melbourne in June 2022. Based on over 3000 survey responses, this presentation included information on how often and how much time teenagers spend reading for pleasure and what they think about reading for pleasure as well as the major challenges to teens reading more.

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School survey now live!

School survey now live!

The Teen Reading project is working with secondary schools in WA, NSW, QLD and VIC to survey Australian teenagers about their reading behaviour. This research aims to better understand how teenagers choose, read and discuss books, to ensure that they are better able to find the books they want to read and to keep them reading for pleasure.
To learn more about the survey, you can watch this short video

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New funding!

Australian Research Council Grant

Discovering a ‘good read’: Pathways to reading for Australian teens

Breaking news (July 2019) – the next phase of our research has received funding through the ARC’s Linkage Projects scheme.

The scheme is designed to support research of national benefit linked to government, industry and professional partners.

Our partners include Queensland University of Technology, University of Canterbury (Christchurch), the Australian Copyright Agency, the Australian Booksellers Association, the Australian Publishers Association, the Australian Library and Information Association, and the School Library Association of Victoria.

During the next few years we will map the network of influences that shape young people’s reading practices, including digital and other social contexts.

Working with our expert partners in the book, library and education industries, we will use our findings to develop strategies for empowering young Australians to read more.